600grms of prawns

I was sailing around Corfu last week; it’s something my wife (and family) does most years at this time. We enjoy the end-of-season sun, increased winds and the fact that things are not quite so busy due to places beginning to close up for the winter.

During our week we eat out most evenings, love the fresh fish (and glorious prawns in Sayiadha), and it’s what happened on a couple of these occasions that I want to talk about and how the little things can make such a difference to your business success.

First the prawns in Sayiadha; the Alekos Taverna is famous for its prawns and you can buy them by the kilo. You can have them grilled or fried and they recommend a kilo to share between three people. We had 600grms grilled with a wonderful salad of our choosing – simply delicious. But what really stood out here was my starter as I fancied something that wasn’t on the menu. I spoke to the person looking after the fish and asked if I could have grilled sardines. ‘Of course he replied.’ I thanked him and then added that I only wanted four. ‘No problem’, was his reply and when they arrived they were perfect.

Will we eat there again? Of course; hopefully next year.

The second occasion was at the Gouvia Marina when we were about to depart for home. It was pouring with rain so we decided to get a quick breakfast; Greek Yogurt, honey and fruit. It wasn’t long before every table was full and most people were turning a small coffee into a very long stop. Chatting, playing on their mobiles or just reading, as in my case. I noticed that people were waiting for a table and started to feel guilty about just sitting there hiding from the rain when the owner was losing business.

We decided to leave and while my wife popped to the restroom I started to gather our belongings together and motioned to the waiter that he could clear our table ready for the people waiting.

The owner noticed what I was doing and came over and put his arm around my shoulder and said, ‘Take your time. You are on holiday my friend, there’s no rush’. His attitude was so different to that of other restaurants I’ve been to in other parts of the world.

Will be go there again next year? Once again – of course.

So, what small things could you be doing in your business that will keep your customers coming back time-after-time? Get the small things right and you could see a major change in the success of your business.

Author: David Wimblett

Business Tips, Exclusive Offers, Videos and More... Business Mentor - guidance, motivation, inspiration and support. . Started my first business as a 21 year old. Live in Chilworth, Guildford, Surrey with my wife. We have four grown-up sons. Author of 'The 10 Year Breakfast' and 'BNI: One Bite at a Time'.

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